About kai Interior Design


kai Interior Design has been designing interiors for residential homes and commercial facilities since 1996. Our philosophy has always been to provide design solutions tailor made to fit our clients’ personal style and taste. We take your vision and work with you to achieve your personal design aesthetic. By listening and clearly communicating goals and project direction, we’ll collaborate with you to create a well-crafted design that is uniquely yours. From the concept phase through installation, we will personally manage all aspects of the design process.

“No matter what the scope of your project – large or small – we can help you achieve the outcome you are looking for both functionally and aesthetically.”
Our Story

Kimberly Allen

My interest in interior design began at an early age. Bringing balance and harmony to spaces has always been my true passion. I lived abroad for several years and have had the opportunity to travel extensively experiencing different cultures and lifestyles. I’ve drawn on these experiences finding inspiration in everything from food to architecture for creative ideas with form, color, patterns and textures.

I love a good challenge whether one room, a renovation or ground-up new construction. Form is very important to me – good bones lay the groundwork for a wonderful finish after layering in color and texture. One of my strong suits is listening to my clients and recognizing and accepting that everyone is different. I would never want to finish a project and have my client feel like they were living in my personal home. I am a perfectionist and sometimes I do have to reign in my desire for everything to go completely according to plan. In this business, it very rarely does and the trick is to think on your feet so that the end result is one my clients can be extremely proud of.


Andrea Helbing

I am truly passionate about the field of Interior Design. Having moved all over the country more times than I care to count, I realized that I loved renovating a space. Sometimes just tweaking a few items can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a person’s environment.

The challenge of reworking my client’s existing environment to fit their evolving lifestyle and/or a change in residence is, for me, one of the most rewarding aspects of a project. I enjoy thinking of new and novel ways to help clients achieve their own personal design aesthetic. I utilize texture, color and balance to bring a harmonious and pleasing feel to a space.

Since everyone is different, no two projects are ever the same, and that is what keeps this profession so interesting and challenging. I love listening to my clients and collaborating to achieve a fantastic environment that truly reflects the culture and personality of those who will live in it. One of my strengths is being extremely detail oriented from the initial design concept phase through project completion because having a truly finished and functional space is all in the details.