Since interior design trends follow fashion, just about anything goes right now.  Just as you can wear slim or wide-legged pants, mini or maxi dresses and mix and match patterns and colors in your wardrobe, the same can be said for interior spaces. Whatever you like and feel comfortable with works from a design perspective and this is very liberating for both the client and the designer.  The sky’s the limit!

Although the biggest trend still leans toward a simple vibe with minimalist and streamlined profiles on furniture and accessories, color is all over the map.  Both Pantone and Sherwin Williams’ color of the year is a gradation of coral and clay. Still popular, however, are soft and deep greens and blues, warmer neutrals and pink and salmon. 

Basically, anything goes from a Bohemian, collected, eclectic feel with lots of color …

… to warm neutrals and earth tones with pops of color on pillows, window treatments and art.

With a more neutral palette, it is most desirable to incorporate textures and tonal patterns on upholstered pieces to add interest and some pattern on the soft goods like window treatments, rugs and/or decorative pillows.  When mixing patterns, remember to vary the scale of each pattern added so that the combination is pleasing to the eye.

In kitchens where the trend for the past several years has been white cabinets, we are now moving toward darker cabinet colors, whether painted or stained.  I’ve even renovated a few kitchens combining stain and paint, not only on an island but on upper and lower cabinets as well.  Tip:  Use the darker color on the bottom cabinets so your kitchen doesn’t look top heavy.

Free-floating shelves in place of upper cabinets is trending now as well.  They give the kitchen a light and airy feel as they really open up the space.  I like to caution my clients that although this look is very appealing, you will generally lose an enormous amount of cabinet storage space.  As long as you are okay with that, go for it!

Trends in lighting are exciting and very interesting.  Good lighting and beautiful fixtures are an incredibly important feature of a well-designed home.  The newest lighting trends have a minimal aesthetic and many use natural products like bamboo and wood. LED technology is still the choice of most lighting designers.  The Edison bulb that was so popular seems to be waning and my guess is because the yellow light given off by these bulbs is not very functional or complimentary to a person’s skin tone or the colors in your room.

Flexible design and tiny living continue to be big trends.  Space-saving designs, work areas that include multi-function pieces and good design in small spaces just keeps growing!  Many of these multi-function pieces now include wheels to make moving them out of the way in a smaller space easier. 

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