It’s hard to believe that 2020 will soon be coming to an end and what a year it’s been!  There are a number of things happening in 2021 with regard to interior design and they are all very exciting.  Since so many of us have been sheltering in place and working and/or teaching from home, our priorities are changing in relation to what we now want from our interior spaces. 

COLOR TRENDS – The colors navy, grey and the use of a neutral palette are all still in vogue for 2021.  With navy, the darker, the better.  Greys can range from warm, with a brown tint, to cool, with a more blue tint.  Be sure to put samples up BEFORE you buy the amount of paint you need to make sure the colors are what you truly want and they are not adversely affected by the light coming into the space.  Place samples in all different lights and in a number of rooms as well.  Look at them at dawn and dusk and try to view them on a cloudy or rainy day as well, if possible.

Neutral palettes will still be very popular and they are versatile.  Neutrals can be used in a monochromatic scheme using whites or beiges, for example, but don’t forget that browns, blacks, greys are also neutral.  You can add pops of color to any of these color schemes for additional interest.   

STATEMENT PIECES – in art, accessories, wall coverings, lighting.  Even some furniture pieces qualify as a statement – a conversation starter.  The sky is the limit for a statement piece!  Face-inspired graphic art will be extremely popular in 2021 as well.

STYLE TRENDS – Industrial and modern rustic styling are at the top of the list for 2021 favorites.  Industrial style usually refers to an aesthetic trend that takes its cues from old factories and industrial spaces and many old buildings have been converted to lofts and other living spaces in recent years.  The old Sears building in Dallas has been converted to an apartment building and the authentic wooden floors and many of the original elements at the Sears building have been preserved.


Modern rustic embraces the charm and warmth of simple, homespun décor mixed with modern amenities.  Stated more simply, modern rustic is a blending of old and new.

NATURAL ELEMENTS – bringing nature into our homes strengthens the human/nature connection.  It serves to calm us and bring us peace and, in my humble opinion, there’s never been a time when we need more soothing surroundings than we do now.

LIGHT WOODS – Scandinavian-inspired woods with a natural finish for flooring, walls and ceilings are expected to be extremely popular in 2021.  Just like the Industrial and Modern Rustic styles that will be trending, these lighter woods create a more simple, light and airy space.

SUSTAINABLE MODERN DESIGNS – with climate change in mind, many are looking to develop solutions to address a plethora of wasted plastics. Plastics are being used to create furniture, lighting, wall coverings, countertop materials, et al.  In addition, bioplastics and reused materials have a low environmental impact so it’s a win-win for all of us.


PaperStone uses recycled paper and petroleum free resin. Comparable to steel in its strength, PaperStone is one of the most unique surfacing options out there. 

Ask you interior designer to incorporate some of these trends in your next project.  You’ll love the way it makes you feel!


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