Most of us have had a year or more to look around our homes and decide that we are in desperate need of some updating.  There are ways to make your home look more elegant and expensive without breaking the budget.  Of course, we can help you with this, so feel free to contact us at your convenience.  Please read on to discover tips to make your home look more updated without spending a ton of money.

TRICK #1 – Painting your walls or covering them with wallpaper can make your space look newly renovated and fresh.  Think about choosing more timeless shades of neutrals like warm or cool beiges and greys.  Keep in mind that colors will change in a particular space and will look different in daylight or at night time and on a sunny vs a rainy day, so it’s always best to put up a sample before purchasing gallons of paint and then being disappointed.  Any interior designer worth hiring should be recommending this if you are working with someone.  Sherwin Williams offers “colors to go” for about $7 a jug.  It’s a perfect way to test color.  Another trick I’ve used is to paint or wallpaper ceilings.  It’s especially impactful in smaller areas like a powder bath.  It brings dramatic change, adds color and allows you to select a high-end wallcovering if you do this in a small area.

TRICK #2 –  Give worn out cabinets a fresh coat of paint to make them look brand new.  This will definitely save you some money whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor.  It’s a process that involves some sanding to remove dirt and/or old top coats, potentially caulking any cracks and then priming and painting and painting again but it is well worth the effort!

TRICK #3 – Upgrading the hardware on cabinets in the kitchen, laundry or bath or actual furniture pieces can make them look more expensive.  Use your imagination when updating knobs and pulls!  There are so many out there now from which to choose.  Look at acrylic, square, oblong, jeweled – there is a veritable plethora of options including on the finishes you can select.  If you have navy cabinets somewhere, the new aged brass will look amazing when combined with them.

TRICK #4 –  You don’t have to spend a lot on your accessories but they are a must in any space and can make a major impact.  Just buy what you love and it will all work out in the end.  Mix it up with metals, decorative boxes, fresh flowers, lamps and don’t forget the coffee table books – they can be used on any piece, not just a cocktail table!  They are a must so that you can elevate some accent pieces to make your tablescape more interesting.  Balance is key here – stand back and ask yourself if your table or dresser looks heavier on one side than the other.  If so, rearrange.

TRICK #5 – Window treatments are a must in any room.  Floor-to-ceiling drapery panels really make a space look finished and can add a lot of color and interest.  The higher you hang the panels, the higher the ceiling will look because they will draw the eye upward.  If you need natural light, opt for a sheer fabric.  There is a catch here – most ready-made panels are not consistent in length so try buying a length that is longer than you need and then hem them up so that they are the exact same height from the floor.  Additionally, you can save a good bit if you don’t need them to function (open and close).  If you can use stationary panels, it is cost effective because you need less fabric.  And while you’re at it, add some decorative pillows and a rug that will coordinate with the window treatments and the rest of the upholstered pieces in the room.


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