I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  This is the room that does the most to express your family’s unique style and character.  This room also gets the most wear and tear in your home. That’s why decorating your kitchen is so personal and also seems to be a never-completed project. This is why kitchen cabinet painting has become such a popular home update. It’s easy to change your kitchen cabinet colors every few years without breaking the bank, especially if you’re a do-it-yourselfer.

If you’re considering a kitchen cabinet color update, you probably want to know what the latest kitchen cabinet color trends are. Color is definitely in style this year! Navy, medium grey and white are still in vogue but the sky is the limit – if you like the color, go for it!  Not only are different colors trending, but paint finishes also range from matte to glossy. Before you run to the paint store and start stripping the finish off your current kitchen cabinets, be sure to check our list of the hottest kitchen cabinet colors for this year!

1– Charcoal

Talk about an upgrade. Charcoal cabinets go beyond upgrading your kitchen–they’ll make your whole house ascend to another level. This luxurious statement color won’t darken the space overall if you use it judiciously. It’s perfect for lower cabinets and absolutely stunning when paired with light grays, whites, and earth tones.  Earth tones are my favorite pairing – teak and medium-toned stains really compliment charcoal or black as seen in this picture below.

2 – Prussian Blue

Not every tone on our list is a color statement, but this tone is! If you want to be on the cutting edge of cabinet colors, look no further than Prussian Blue. While it works well as an isolated statement on a kitchen island, or on lower cabinets, it can also work well on both upper and lower cabinets. When you choose a color like this, you want to let it be the star of the room, so pair it with quieter white and gray tones or soft and light earth tones.

3 – White

White kitchens are a classic for a reason, and that’s because–when they’re done right–they’re incredibly beautiful. If you’re considering a cabinet color update, you’ve probably already thought about white, and you’re smart to do so! One of the reasons it’s so popular is that a white kitchen can work with almost any existing finishes or fixtures. So if you’ve got an unusual floor color, or window and door trim that’s out of the ordinary, white cabinets can be the perfect solution to keep your color palette in check.

4 – Sage Green

It seems like Sage Green never really goes out of style in the kitchen. And that’s because it’s such a warm and appetizing tone that brings a real hint of sophistication to any space. It plays well with most earth tones, and it adds a lot of color to a space without overwhelming it. Once found mostly in traditional or country homes, this tone has traveled to the big city, making appearances in many modern and transitional spaces. It works well with most medium to light natural wood tones and works with most tones of natural stone. Try this one, it’s a classic!

5 – Powder Blue

Blue is everywhere in kitchens this year. Powder blue is a light and clean tone that can add personality and brightness to most kitchens. It’s actually very versatile and plays well with most earth tones, especially brown, and almost all tones of white and gray. If you want to take a tired old kitchen from drab to fab, powder blue cabinets are a great place to start.

6 –  Olive Green

Get ready for some serious family dinners in your new kitchen with its olive colored cabinets. Yes, this is a trend we’re seeing more and more. Olive is one of those rare tones that makes a statement without overpowering a space. It’s particularly brilliant paired with other natural wood and stone finishes in the room.

7 – Black

They say black goes with everything, and this year we’re seeing that it’s even true of kitchen cabinets. This isn’t just a color you’ll see in sleek, modern kitchens, but you can find it in transitional and traditional styles, even paired with farmhouse sinks! It really opens up a whole new world of ideas for what you think of as the “correct” colors for a kitchen space.

8 – Dove Gray

This understated light gray tone is a fabulous place to start if you’re looking for an update that makes a very subtle statement. Dove Gray goes with almost anything, so it will work with most floor and countertop colors. It also keeps things light and fresh without defaulting to white or ivories, or beiges. We especially love it in kitchens with no upper cabinetry.

9 – Pewter

Speaking of statement colors, pewter cabinets will certainly stop traffic. The great thing about this stunning gray tone is that it is very versatile, so it can work with many of your existing finishes offering a completely updated look without the big bucks that are required to change countertops or flooring.

10 – Stone

Stone is one of those workhorse colors that can work magic in a space. This light gray earth tone is a chic, light, subtle color that can both warm and ground a space. It works well with practically any earth tones, natural wood tones, whites, or grays. It also works with light and dark matte tones in most colors as well. If you’re looking at your floors and fixtures and wondering what cabinet color could possibly update your kitchen but work with your disparate color tones, try Stone!


It is such an exciting time in interior design right now!  Gone are the days of pidgeon-holing  clients into a set color scheme like peach and light blue from the 80s and jewel tones from the 90s.  Don’t be afraid to embrace this new trend.  You won’t be sorry if you do.


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