You already know that paint has the power to transform a room, but sometimes four walls all in the same color can start to seem a little dull. That’s when it’s time to enter the world of decorative painting. So if you’re ready for a change but not sure what direction to take your room redesign, take a look at the hot new paint decor looks we’ve got in store for you!  You can also contact an interior designer for help with the planning and implementation to ensure the finished produce is exactly what you are hoping it will be.

1 – Paint your own focal point

If you have been working to give your room a little personality, but aren’t sure what to try, consider this sort of paint as focal point look. Think of it like painting a block on your wall where a large art piece would go. Essentially you’re giving your room a point of interest with simple wall paint. This is a quick and easy weekend project that has the power to completely transform your home.

2 – Faux concrete

If you’re dying for a little more modern or industrial look, concrete is probably on the list of materials you’d love to integrate. It’s an expensive option, however! Enter the incredible power of faux painting to make your walls look like they were hand troweled. Generally, this technique combines two or three colors of paint and a glaze of some kind for the final layers to give that color variation that makes concrete so special.

3 – Twinkle twinkle little star

This paint look thrives on spontaneity and random placement of the stars. You could also go for small circular dots. If you’re not confident about painting stars, consider a stencil, but we love the look of hand-drawn, variation of sizes. You can choose whatever color contrasts you wish, but remember the statement will be stronger if your paint contrast is stark. We love this soft white on dark navy look like a night sky in the first example. Sweet dreams!

And if you like the look of bigger stars, this one’s for you!

4 – Argyle, Harlequin and Vintage Diamond, oh my!

If you feel like your room lacks personality, the following paint looks may be perfect for your space. This is a good time to really let your creativity fly. Choose your colors, tape off your pattern, and go to town!




5 – Big horizontal stripes

Go with big horizontal stripes if you want to make a big statement. This look works for a whole room but also stuns on only a feature wall. You can even use more than two colors but be careful! Things can start to look a bit like a circus tent if you don’t watch out!

6 – Designs inspired by fabric

Choose your favorite fabric design and blow it up large in wall paint! This is a great opportunity to incorporate the latest styles into your home design in a way that can be easily changed if styles change.  After all, you just need more paint to completely change the look again!

7 – Vertical or diagonal stripes

These stripes are slimming! Just pick your favorite colors and start striping your walls. We love this look because the stripes are free form, so no worries about taping things off and trying to be precise. And this looks gets bonus points for the incredible color that emanates from it.

8 – Faux adobe

If you love the cool, organic southwest look of adobe, why not try the faux paint version? You’ll need a good dry brush and some glaze. To achieve this look in your home, be sure your colors are close shades that will simply add dimension and highlights rather than a sharp contrast.

Of course we’d be happy to help you with all of your creative painting ideas.  Just give us a call!


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