Surprising Interior Design Trends

Many living spaces have received a lot of care, love, attention and introspection since the pandemic. Most people spent all their time hunkered down indoors with no idea when they would ever get out so, naturally, our attention turned to our interior surroundings and how to make them suit our new needs, such as working from home and homeschooling.

Generally speaking, trends are more than just colors and patterns.  Great interior design reflects society, priorities and how the environment impacts our lives. One of the biggest lessons I believe we all learned from the pandemic is that your home and work spaces should reflect the people living and working there. Some of the design styles that grew out of our pandemic experiences are listed below and they continue today.

1.  Night Sky Minerals 

As scientific research continues, human beings are getting more accustomed to space. The impacts of the study of the galaxy are moving into our interior design.  This new magical trend is crammed with space-inspired finishes.  It features dark blue colors, dotted with pale blue and white veining that pop up everywhere, from countertops to tabletops to wall and cabinet paint and wallpaper.

2.  Arches

Not long ago, arches were used most in traditional or Mediterranean-inspired design.  Now, they are one of the most widespread styles used in contemporary homes. Arched doors, windows and hallways are now big news in many new-build and renovation projects.  Arches feature gentle curves and they serve to soften the hardened edges that defined more contemporary spaces for years. Arches harken back to Roman times but we’re now introducing them into contemporary settings and you can’t help but look forward to relaxing in a space with soft and inviting curved edges.

3. Contemporary Trompe L’oeil

The literal meaning of trompe l’oeil is to “deceive the eye”.  The style has been in use for centuries but has never seen widespread acceptance until now.  It adds a bit of unexpected humor to your home or office, making it a talking point for those who see it.  These fun pieces can be easily added to any room of your choice.  Bonaldo’s New Perspective mirror, shown in the picture above, offers depth and a viewpoint that provides the illusion of a room beyond the mirror. The lines are painted on in perspective, which has an incredible impact on the person’s imagination standing in front of it.

4.  Colored Concrete

The colored concrete style can be used in any room but many people are using this technique in their bathrooms as well.  Bathroom trends are now all about injecting personality and maintaining a monastic sense of spa-like serenity – voila!  Concrete.  Vivid hues combined with texture and depth make this trend perfect for bathrooms.  You can find colored concrete from kitchen spaces to exterior additions where it is used on floors.  The material is typically color-body, with pigment running throughout, so that chips and scratches aren’t typically visible.

5.  Technicolor Checked Patterns

Checks and plaids are typically made from woven cloth.  These patterns have always been popular due to their adaptability when used with other printed fabrics.  This popular print is now being updated using brighter tones and metallic threads throughout.  The picture above shows an all-in-one solution for bold checks in a lively contemporary style with a natural jute texture.  These bold patterns can breathe life into your narrow hallways, bathrooms and kitchens and lend themselves nicely to the modern farmhouse style.

6.  Portable Table Lamps

Not many of us were in love with small LED lamps with attached cords.  Enter portable LED lamps that can fit into multi-port USB hubs, computers and laptops, smartphones, smart plugs, car USB docks, etc. In addition, technology has helped create rechargeable lighting solutions that are stylish as well.  The market share for cordless lamps has grown incredibly as they can fit anywhere – on a kitchen shelf as a conversation piece, in your bathroom to offer a certain mood, on your office desk or nightstand, or on a dining table to light each guest’s place setting.  They can also be used as a decorative element possibly centered down the length of your table.  Intertwine some dried plants with the portable lamps and you’ve got a unique look for your dinner party.

7.  Cocooning Furniture

Furniture that envelops its user has been generating a ton of interest in the past few years.  The styling can vary from Pillsbury Doughboy-type cush that you can sink into, to chairs with half-moon, “umbrella-type” tops and arms that surround you as in the picture above.  These furniture pieces serve to create a very relaxing space.  Typical features of cocooning furniture are curves and deep cushions.

Get Started with Your New Home Interior Design Today  Styling your home or office to reflect your personality is key – nothing beats the feeling of living or working in a space you love and feel proud to be in.  If you are looking for interior design advice or ideas, give us a call to set up an appointment today!



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