Spring has definitely sprung!  Now is a great time to consider your outdoor spaces and what enhancements you may like to employ to make your backyard your dream destination!

The opportunities to create something beautiful and unique to your home are endless! There are many options out there so it can be tricky to narrow down the best items to fit your particular needs but an interior designer can definitely help you with this.  From the best types of chairs for lounging to durable exterior rugs crafted to last or from laid-back coastal to cabana-striped everything, these trends feature classic design elements in ways that feel fresh and inspired.


1. Look for grounding and space-defining pieces. It’s always best to begin with the larger pieces as they will define the area you’ll be using.  Think first about how you’d like to treat your flooring on a patio, for example.  Would mosaic floor tiles work or perhaps a beautiful outdoor rug?  Would a pergola offer shade and a separate seating vignette from other areas in your outdoor space?

2.  Continue your indoor aesthetic to the outdoors. Continuity is a basic design principle so remember to carry the design aesthetic of the interior of your hoe into your outdoor space.  Do you prefer modern, rustic, farmhouse, or traditional? It’s easy to find outdoor styles that coordinate with your overall aesthetic and it helps keep the outdoors connected to the rest of the home.  It’s perfectly fine to throw in something that might be a little more rustic with a primarily transitional theme just as you might add an antique piece in a very contemporary room in an interior space.  This approach adds so much interest!

3. Maximize the space for end-use.  If you’re working with limited space, like a small patio or balcony, plan for how you’re most likely going to use the space. Do you want a soft spot in the sun, a small dining table to entertain friends, or just a garden bed? Plan your space around your outdoor activity, to get the most out of the space while you can.

4.  Durability is key.  Outdoor furniture will be up against a various array of outdoor conditions. If your space isn’t covered, take into account that the sun and rain will have an impact on what you purchase. Make sure that all of your fabrics are rated for outdoor and consider options other than teak or other woods that will need a lot of upkeep.  Polywoods are a great option and outdoor fabrics have evolved in a really positive way over the years!

5. Elevate the space.  Look for a few elevated items you really love to bring newness, excitement and a welcoming feeling to your outdoor design.  Think about lighting and fans, slatted walls for plant display, separations in seating vignettes using partitions or different rugs to delineate spaces, umbrellas and more.  We are happy to help you formulate a plan and procure all that you’ll need to get ‘er done!  Give us a call today – summer is fast approaching!

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