Just as we all wish we had more time in our lives, many of us also wish for more storage space in our homes. There never seems to be enough space to hold everything you have. Even though you might organize areas and clear out items to create more space in your home, it still may not be enough. Listed below are some simple storage solutions that will look good in your space and let you store essentials.

~ HIDDEN HEADBOARD STORAGE  Having an interior designer help you design an upholstered headboard with storage space behind is a great storage idea.  There are also several wooden bedframes on the market that incorporate storage in the headboard and/or the footboard.

~ NIFTY NICHE STORAGE  These “cubbies” are cut into the sheetrock and they can be easily hidden behind artwork or mirrors.  In bathrooms, they can be used to store personal care products, bathroom toiletries, towels, and the like.  They can be used in both home and office for key storage or other essential storage as well.

~ COCKTAIL TABLES WITH HIDDEN STORAGE  There are many types of cocktail tables that incorporate hidden storage.  On some, the top lifts up, as shown in the picture below, while others may have a side that folds down or shelves underneath or on the sides.  No matter which you choose, the outcome is more storage for your collectibles, laptops, books or whatever you need close at hand.

~UTILIZING KITCHEN ISLAND END CAPS FOR STORAGE  Are you running out of space to keep your favorite recipe books on the kitchen countertops? Do you have a special pottery collection or beloved knick knacks that you’d like to display?  As you plan your kitchen island, remember to make use of the ends (one or both) for storage.  Whether you use just the corner, as in the picture below, or you extend the opening across the width of your island, you’ll have created a very functional space indeed!

~ HIDDEN WALL SAFE  Do you have tiny items that are precious to you?  Here’s a hidden storage “safe” that looks like an electric outlet from the outside. It can be pulled outward to become a perfect in-wall hidden storage space. And you don’t need to remember any secret combinations or codes. Priceless!

~ CLEVER BATHROOM MIRROR STORAGE  There are many types of mirrors that have hidden storage behind.  Some have a mechanism that allows you to slide the mirror to the side and others pull down while still others lift up exposing shelving behind the mirror itself.  Just remember to consult your interior designer to make sure that you have the space necessary to accommodate the mirror you are looking to install.

~ HIDDEN PULL-DOWN UNITS FOR LAUNDRY STORAGE  You can create hidden storage areas in your home with roll down shelving and/or hanging ideas. When retracted, these units look very inconspicuous.  They are great for smaller laundry rooms where hanging storage is difficult.  Once your items are dry and ironed, just fold the unit back up against the wall.  Simple and very useful!

In spaces where additional cabinets or shelves are not practical, the ideas listed above can be a life-saver.  They will help your space to feel less cluttered and more organized.  So pick your hidden storage area(s) and enjoy the peace of mind they will bring.

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