Wouldn’t you love to walk into a beautiful spa-like shower in the morning? There’s something almost magical about starting your day in a beautiful, warm space. Bathroom fixture trends tend to move a little more slowly than other home decor styles primarily because of the expense and hassle of replacing built-in items when remodeling a bathroom. In recent years, however, shower looks have changed in not only style but function. The following descriptions and pictures will show you updates in how showers are designed and built as well as changes in aesthetics.  The world of shower design has never been more exciting!

Stone slab walls and continuing main bathroom floor into the shower – Your average suburban tract home tends to come with a standard shower with tile walls or cheaper, low-maintenance inserts typically made from acrylic or fiberglass. When you see something different — like this shower done with slab stone walls, the look instantly screams quality. You’ll find this look in anything from quartz or quartzite to granite, or even cultured stone. Now that the trend toward frameless shower glass is in full swing, we should no longer view the shower itself as a separate little chamber or closet within a room.  Many interior designers are making a choice to integrate the shower design into the look of the room. A great way to do this is by continuing both the wall and floor tiles through the shower space. Beautiful!

Double showerheads – Double sinks have been standard in master bathrooms for decades and now we’re expanding this idea into the shower. No more waiting for your significant other to finish their shower while hoping you won’t be late for work! When you expand your shower size and add a second showerhead, both of you can make your early-morning meetings, no problem.

Feature wall – Interior designers have used feature walls in room design to add interest and focus to a space. If we use this concept and apply it to a shower, you have a shower feature wall. This is a great way to stretch your budget by buying enough designer tile for just one wall and using a neutral color on all the other surfaces to help set it off.

Shower “room” and floor to ceiling tile – Nothing says luxury more than turning your shower into something almost like another room. By walling off an area and devoting it all to tile and shower fixtures, you can give your shower space a true high-end spa flavor.  While shower ceilings went neglected for many years, interior designers are bringing them back into the forefront by wrapping showers floor-to-ceiling in elegant tile designs. This top-to-bottom look gives your shower, and your bathroom, a beautifully finished look.

Hand-painted and patterned tiles – Hand-painted tile has a bespoke, quality look that is difficult to duplicate with anything else. Whether you purchase your hand-painted tile from traditional artisans or contemporary artists, your one-of-a-kind shower will be a standout on your block.

Do not discount patterned tile like chevron or herringbone.   This is one way to get a luxurious tile look without the luxury price tag. By committing to a big design pattern, your shower will look like it’s straight off the pages of a design magazine.

Grid glass panes – Shower glass doors and walls done in grid-patterned panes is a hot new look that is taking the bathroom world by storm. Sophisticated with a retro-flare, this look will dress up any bathroom remodel.

No door/curtain – If you hate cleaning shower doors or shower curtains, this may be the perfect design choice for you. By going door less (and/or curtain less), you give your bathroom a sleek look and also cut down on maintenance. The key to making this shower work is having a professional help you design it so that splash patterns are accounted for.

Wood-look tile – Tile designs evolve every few years, and tile that looks like wood has been one of the hottest tile flooring trends of the past decade. Now that same wood-grain look is being used in showers and it is stunning! Most people wouldn’t use real wood in their shower design because of the ridiculous amount of maintenance required.  Even teak requires stripping, restaining and sealing.  With the choice of wood-look tile, however, you can bring a truly unique look to your shower.

Whether you want to employ some or all of these ideas, we can definitely help you design the perfect bathroom.  Give us a call today!

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