The most exciting part of designing a bathroom is choosing which beautiful materials and colors you’re going to spotlight. And that’s where tiles come in. They’re basically the bathroom MVP. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, you may be married to the idea of all-white and marble-everything, but read on before you commit. There’s a place for bold, patterned tile in your life, and I believe that’s inside your shower or on your bathroom wall. Maybe it’s even your tub? You get the idea. And if you really want to stick with a white, light, and airy look or you want something more sleek and moody, there is plenty of inspiration on this list of bathroom tile ideas.

Cast a Hex If you want to switch things up without getting too over-the-top, opt for a unique tile shape. In this bathroom, the client opted for muted gray-brown hexagonal floor tiles and added color with an antique floral motif runner.

Combine Different Shapes Designer Kurek Jones knows how to have fun, especially when it comes to tile. The bubblegum pink subway tiles on the wall and the diamond, almost leaf-like motif on the floors of this bathroom are bursting with energy. The brass industrial-style fixtures and lighting add just enough contrast and the pop of pale purple paint is the cherry on top.

Alternate Directions  Robert McKinley Design alternated the direction and tone of the tiles to create a more dynamic and textured look in a small bathroom. Terra cotta tiles would look lovely and natural in this pattern, too.

Create a Wacky Pattern  Fun graphic floor tiles bring playfulness to the deep red paint color in this small bathroom designed by Andy Beers. The spacious drawers under the floating vanity also help keep things tidy, a must in a tiny bathroom.

Modernize the Subway Look  Small white square zellige tiles are a fresh take on the classic subway tile look, as proven in this small bathroom. The only surface not covered in understated tiles is the ceiling, which features a Crystallite skylight that makes the shower feel like it’s in the open air.

Vary Tile Styles  When designing a minimalist and modern bathroom, stick to things like neutral tones but keep things interesting and varied by layering tiles of different materials for different sections in the space, as Ishka Designs did in this luxe, nature-inspired bathroom.

Add Movement Dallas-based designer Jean Liu added tons of movement and textural intrigue with a statement wall of tiles. Since the tiles feature an intricate pattern, the grayscale color scheme maintains a sense of calm—a must for a bathroom.

Treat It Like a Mosaic  Penny tiles are great for creating patterns, as seen in this impactful black and white bathroom design. A mosaic of stripes stretches from the walls to the floor.

Try Herringbone or Chevron Though it sticks to a neutral color scheme, this bathroom is full of fun surprises and innovative design. The wooden tub, speckled wall tiles, and herringbone floor tiles walk the delicate line between gritty and sophisticated very successfully.

You can’t go wrong with chevron.  It’s a favorite pattern for a reason—now try it on your bathroom floor.

Turn It Into Artwork  These are not your grandma’s white bathroom tiles. The geometric black and white pattern of the floor adds just the right amount of flair to this simplistic bathroom.

Experiment This bathroom makes another strong case for laying your tiles in a more experimental, outside-the-box way.  Here, the floor tiles are scattered to create an exciting, non-repeating pattern and then they crawl halfway up the wall for an unexpected, nonlinear edge.

Go Sunny & Striped Yellow stipes break up a neutral-tiled wall and add a bit of whimsy.

The sky’s the limit with what you can create.  Let your imagination run wild!

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