In our last blog, we looked at novel and interesting ways to make your actual shower space look and feel unique.  In this newsletter, we will introduce some absolutely fabulous plumbing fixtures to add to those great bath and shower ideas!  As you plan your bathroom renovation, consider some of these incredible bathroom sink (lav) faucets and shower heads.  It is always best to contact an interior designer so that these will fit as you are hoping and so that there will be continuity in your design.  Call us for assistance.

THE LUNA LAV FIXTURE – Graff Designs was the first to introduce this incredible faucet.  Many liken it to the shape of the crescent moon or compare it to a modern steel sculpture or a samurai sword.  The Luna brings a newfound sense of serenity to the bathroom both in design and in function as there is less noise associated with this faucet than with most others.

THE BOLA SEE-THROUGH LAV FIXTURE – Created by Agustin Otegui, this modern design is known for its beautiful look.  There are lights installed within this faucet that illuminate the falling water, which adds to its spectacular light and design.  A focal point which is nothing short of breathtaking!

THE EUROPEAN VINTAGE FAUCET – Virtually every lav faucet manufacturer offers this type of fixture.  It works really well with Modern Farmhouse, Country Cottage, or for almost any period-style home renovations.  If you like more of an eclectic look, don’t be afraid to combine it with your modern design.  Even though this fixture is reminiscent of years-gone-by, it can be incredibly contemporary when paired properly with the other elements in your space.

+SHIFTER LAV FAUCET – This sleek design is the definition of trendy and avant-garde.  Inspired by a car’s gear shift, the control of this faucet is exceptionally innovative.  The stick-shift regulates the water flow and adds a very modern look to your space.

THE RING LAV FIXTURE – This faucet is modern and trendy yet practical.  The hollow opening of the faucet allows water to flow circularly.  With two handles to control the water’s temperature, you are guaranteed a smooth flow of water.

THE HANSA LATRAVA SINK FAUCET – The Hansa Latrava is a mechanically-designed faucet that is activated with just one tap.  With its sophisticated design, this fixture cascades smooth and clear water with a vengeance.  If you’re environmentally conscience, this fixture may not be for you but it will look great with almost any décor.

A SPA-INSPIRED SHOWER HEAD BY TERRA MARIQUE – This fixture has a simple shape and invokes a feeling of being outside in nature with its distinctive wood styling.  Silicone tubes pass the water through the wood without damaging it and this fixture IS very eco-friendly!

FLIP-SIDE SHOWER HEAD – This design by Bossini is a stainless steel fixture that converts from a waterfall shower to a rain shower by simply flipping a lever.  The multifunctional design offers different options for your daily routine which is fun!

SHOWER MIST AND RAIN SHOWERHEAD – This shower head is 20” square in shape and comes with 6 body massage jets mounted on the wall.  The fixture has a contemporary design and comes with a 4-way mixer so that you can enjoy a fine mist or a virtual downpour.


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