Most designers are predicting that shades of gray are on their way out.  Personally, I couldn’t be happier.  Let’s get inspired with new colors!  Many design articles are stating that even cooler colors will soon be a thing of the past.  I say YAY!!!  Let’s see pops of color, warmer tones and more highlighted walls which will serve to make our living spaces much more interesting.

Massive lighting fixtures have proved to be impractical.  Do you have one of those floor lamps with the arc’d base that takes up about 6 feet of space.  Are you tired of walking around it or bumping into it?  Frustrating huh?  Well so are many others who find themselves in a similar predicament.  Many of these fixtures are much too large a scale for virtually any room.  A chandelier should not be as big as the dining table beneath it and you should be able to approach the table without feeling like you are going to hit your head on the light fixture.

Multiple floating shelves will fall out of favor. The open-shelving concept took the design world by storm as people tried to create feelings of openness and more storage.  According to a number of trend predictors in the industry, however, the trend will make an exit in 2023.  The stacked, open shelves we saw explode onto the scene during the farmhouse movement are going to exit stage right mostly because they’ve been done to death.  Also, longer shelves look more seamless and less cluttered than multiple stacked shelves.

The modern-organic trend will decrease in popularity. Interior designer and Spruce Up! founder Sarah Bowen is quoted as saying, “the modern-organic trend, defined as a blend of minimalism, mid-century-modern decor, and bohemian-design styles, will likely start to decline in 2023.”  The primary reason is that modern organic is currently overwhelming the market and homeowners will begin to move away from the trend to avoid interiors that look too similar to other homes.


On the other hand, the zellige-tile trend will likely soar in popularity. Zellige are Moroccan tiles, crafted one by one from non-refined natural clay extracted in the region of Fez (Morocco). This clay is mixed and kneaded with water, molded by hand, dried naturally and kiln-baked.  It’s perfectly imperfect and the rough textures and refined aesthetic create an elevated focal point without needing additional layers in a room.

Bold, unexpected colors will make a comeback. Designers expect to see more of the deeper, richer tones layered into spaces in 2023. Natural and neutral tones have been popular but most predict that we can expect to see more color in spaces in 2023. Moody colors, especially on the wall, can create the right vibe before you set the table or ease into your favorite sofa.  We saw them slowly returning in 2022 in accent pillows and rugs that work hard to anchor a space.

Accent walls are still having a major moment but they need to be done correctly.  Contact an interior designer (preferably us!) for guidance.  Opt for an accent with a unique texture or wallpaper in a similar color to the rest of the room.  If you want to create a wooden accent wall, make sure you’re using vertical slats as they give the ceiling a lift, and make small spaces feel more intimate and large spaces feel more inviting. Avoid using reclaimed wood, unless you are absolutely going for a more rustic feel.  Choose the correct area to adorn because it’s usually best to decorate the first wall you seen when you walk into the room.  Expect to see more accent walls that will add definition and eye-catching elements to spaces.

I love this one!  Modernist curves are a hot new trend for 2023.  You can add this element to your home through bold design choices and/or furniture.  You can create so much dimension and interest using this technique.  As people look to switch things up more in the home, a move away from straight lines and toward more modernist curves is on the horizon. Things like rounded furniture allow for a different, bold style without looking garish or unsightly.  You can opt for arched doorways and curves around exterior walls to add interesting shapes and dimensions.

Used and vintage furniture is here to stay and the best part is that thrifting furniture can be more affordable than buying new, mass-produced pieces. Vintage furniture has become a major social-media trend in recent years, and most are saying that it’s one that we’ll continue to see more of in 2023.  A trend that will continue to grow is buying used, vintage, or antique furniture.  It is an amazing way to add character to your home and so much better for the environment when we do.

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